Sunday, October 21, 2007

Made friends with ethiopian women hustlin a japanese man

So I am mad tired or dumb tired as Mo would say.It's funny how hanging out with people you oick up how they talk.We(Me,Mel,Mo) went out to celebrate Mo's anniversary.But what happened was all of Mo's talk about anniversaries made me feel sad about missing the anniversary of my first date with Brian.Now keep in mind that we never do anything when I am home.Although last year we had a good plan and I even had a dress.But so that made me sad and I have been mad irritable all week.We were out crazy late last night trying to find Koreatown.We found Korean food, which was great, but no Koreatown. I did go to a talk by one of teh Japanese ambassadors about "comfort women".Man is he a revisionist ,war crime denying asshole.I would write something more articulate but that about sums it up.
So tonight we went out and had a great time and I am writing this at 2:32 am my time sitting in the hallway cause that is what you do when you are a decent human being and your roommate is asleep. Also tonight Mel and I wore rings on our engagement finger and this one guy kept dancing over to our table and we did a danced that flashed the rings at him and he bowed said excuse me and bounced.Now why can't men in Philly have that level of good sense.
Speaking of funny shit that happens with Japanese men Mo and I had a hilarious thing happen while we out on Friday.We were sitting at the ladies only table and some dude came up to talk to us.He was sketchy so we answered his questioned tenuously...trying to figure out what he wanted...and finally he gets to the heart of the matter.He looks at Mo and says, "You have very large breast(she doesn't by US standards)" then she looks at me and goes "not as large as hers" he says " I know ...can I touch them?" After we tell him NO he tells us it's a Japanese joke...BULLSHIT.But at any rate thats our new thing when something ridiculous happens Japanese joke.I hope Brian gets out of his rich kid group soon cause I wanna go to bed and there is mad noise coming from down the hall.
Also I have mad albums and I will post the links today or tomorrow.

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