Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Listening to Bill Withers

Just got back from yoga and I feel great.Unfortunately have yet another midterm tomorrow so that sucks and I really need to study.When will the work end? However I did book my ticket to the Bay and will be there from January 9th-19th in the company of many great people.There is not much to report here except that I still don't feel like posting pictures but I'll take any distraction from homework so may be it will happen today. I have an ambitious plan to be mostly done with my final papers by the time I head to Korea so that what is left is basic and me and some friends can try and make it to Nagasaki that last week.
I haven't done a bunch of the must see sights in Tokyo because I felt like I had a lot of time .But with November fast approaching I realized that I should probably get on it.Frankly three and a half months is not enough time.It takes that long to settle in and know one area.But I'll make due.So I am gonna try and get to Nikko and the fish market and stuff like that.Hopefully if I don't get behind on pictures again then I will post them.
I am doing well and am re-budgeting...again these things take time. My friends anniversary is coming up so we are gonna take her out so that she isn't at home wallowing.Well ya know you could still send me a postcard...Talia send brownies but right now I am craving Skittles.Just a suggestion.