Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pics from Asakusa

Sorry this is the best way I have figured out pictures.I'll keep working on it.You're gonna have to copy and paste this link it's not working right for some reason

The Prime Minister resigned...but hey so did Karl Rove

When to Asakusa today by myself and that was pretty cool.I also used the squat toilet for the first time today after looking at them for a while.It was a short day at school and I felt like it I peed on my pants well I was already on my way out the door.There are some cool toilets here.My favorite has a seat warmer, a bidet,a sort of light enema, and a flushing sound that you can have perpetually on to cover the sound of doing your business.I am not gonna lie this seems most useful if your business is throwing up since one you're in the stall it's sort of established that you've got some sort of bodily function to perform.Or you are like me and the bathroom was the only really private place in your house cause as your mother said "You didn't buy any doors so don't close any doors" then it is a place of comfort.
Anyway I found my Shabu Shabu pictures and at Asakusa ran into the woman who helped us out at Shabu Shabu cause we couldn't read the menu and we exchanged info.Asakusa is pretty cool.I like the idea that all the shops peddling things are part of a tradition of peddling to pilgrims.Unlike last time I did waft myself with the breathe of the gods cause my roommate is a little sick and I needed some help.Generally i don't fool with other people's god but getting sick with your momma on the other side of the ocean and a continent is no joke.
The strangest thing that happened is that while I was trying to size up a picture of the market strip some Japanese woman asked me if she could take a picture with me.It was a little bizarre and it was definitely cause I was black and then she gave me a present as is customary and she looked so pleased that it was kind of whatever.But still really quite strange.I mean people stare at me all the time here, it was fine for a while but now it's just kind of annoying.So i have adopted a very Philly attitude and I stare them down.Today I stared down a five year old...I'm not proud,especially because he won.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Off To Learn The History of the Hunters

So the dreaded IH class starts in about two minutes and that Japanese cultures class just makes me wanna jump.Whatever I just got White Teeth from the library and am gonna read that in class.I know it's bad but so is a nervous breakdown.I had a really interesting conversation with mel(another woman on the program) about Native American genocide and her tribes struggle to be federally recognized.It was kind of cool to get to connect and hang out with her...she lives next door to me.
I used to write blogs that people found really interesting but they were also very raw and vulnerable and I don't really publicly do that anymore.Some people might consider that a sign of maturity...I think it's probably a survival skill and if you don't develop survival skills the odds of reaching maturity are slim.I will say that I miss Brian quite a bit and while it's not awful( I actually think it's kind of cool)I still appreciate the feeling. Not in one of those absence makes the heart grow fonder ways cause there are some people who when I am away from them everyday is like a holiday but it's just kind of sweet.Okay well i am off to be lied to...thank god for Aunt Renee and mom or I wouldn't even know that they was lying.
I also am ware that some of you don't know me or that we have never met.If you are a Kelly or Kasyjanski(I can't remember how to spell it...sorry)please direct all comments,questions,or complaints, to Brian Kelly.Also if you are a Penn alumni who is not directly affiliated with me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

who is non-profit?

I only have a couple of thoughts from contexts clues.Email me

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence

What a day.I didn't get enough sleep last night in part cause I stayed up watching season one of the Boondocks..well worth it.Tuesday/Thursdays suck cause my classes are so damn boring. My one teacher Sensei Sumi teaches the Japanese Culture class but he has very little positive to say and says very little that isn't in the text .The other teacher is my IH(intellectual heritage)teacher and she is knew and so nervous about teaching the most hated class at Temple that she barely teaches. She is not at all confident and just says crazy stuff.Like today she gave us a paper on how to write an essay because we probably had not written such a long essay before.Now ...on the first day we established that the whole class were Juniors and Seniors...she's lost it.Then we were reading the Declaration of Independence and she managed to make that boring...I like the Declaration of Independence.I tried to bring up how in the first draft Thomas Jefferson wrote about abolishing slavery and how it violated basic human rights and the ensuing controversy.That it was interesting based on how many times that happened in US history with different things and part of that decision was that the signers were of the property owning class.She gon tell me that she saw that but much like with John Locke(who almost mentioned abolishing slavery)she thought that it was too much information and so she left it out.I want to know how much longer people think they can teach US history without talking about racialized chattel slavery.I mean really how many slave quarters do you have to find at cites of freedom...and of course as the only black person in the room I had to be the one to say it.
She could have even have totally different political views from me(but of course she is in the burgeoning women's studies department) but at least bring the fire.I like a good fight and this class just makes me wanna throw in the towel.
Oh also i got a new camera.I had taken pictures when we went out to Shabu Shabu on Saturday night but somehow those pictures got erased.I'll get others from Nick.We got there and of course couldn't read the menu which was all in they got the waitress that spoke English but she didn't understand us so she got another woman who was eating dinner with her European husband and various friends o translate for us.We got put in the back room which we decided was the Gaijin room but then after hanging ut and having free range for a while we decided it was the VIP room.
Shabu Shabu involves choosing two broths which are served in a divided pot and then ordering various vegetables and/or meat and cooking them.It was all really good ...except this one solid white sheet that when we put it in came out like glue and swallowing it felt like swallowing glue.But everything else was so good and you just sit around and eat and drink for a couple of hours.I really will try and get Nick's pictures .