Monday, October 29, 2007

Manifestations of Shinto and I am not listening

I am writing this in class and barely had any sleep.I have been having stomach pains (probably gas) and can't sleep so last night at 4am me,Joe, and Tyler went for a walk. There is a guy here,Paul, who is always correcting my grammar and he such a pretentious little shit.Every time he says something I want to punch him in the face.There is nothing more annoying than people concerned about petty shit.But at any rate I had to sleep in my friends room last night so that I would definitely wake up this morning for class.
Today should be my yoga class but with my trip to Nikko I just can't do that level of pressure on my ankle.I am beginning to feel like I'll never get better. Nikko was pretty cool but it took forever to get there...mostly cause we are broke.We got lost on the way to the flea market we wanted to go to beforehand and then got the slow train to Nikko. I think that after this trip I may never want to see another Buddhist temple again in life.Or at least not for a couple of years. I just wish places weren't always so crowded.I still haven't been back to the Hie shrine just to sit and chill.I would still really like to do that.
This past Saturday I did Kyudo and got drenched in a typhoon.It was a good day.It took me a while to get the hang of the bow and how to pull and then even after I got it I still had three helpers every time.There was a guy Miki... with very large ears who I loved and he would crack up every time it was my turn.But I really did like it.I have posted some pictures and the reason that there are multiples of some is because they are action shots but maybe you can't tell.
I watched City of Men last night when I couldn't sleep and it was pretty good.It uses the same actors from Cidade de Deus but in different roles and I really like that. I recommend it.It is also far less bloody, maybe because it is a TV series
My parents are coming on Sunday so that should be cool but today I am most excited about sleeping. Then shortly after that i go to Korea.We have so little time left here and none of us are sleeping still. But you know that's life with 20 other young adults.I am not super pressed to do something since my parents will want to do some things and Brian may want to do others. So I just try and hang out with my friends and shoot the shit.We have nothing in common except that we are roughly the same age ,living , in the same dorm but the people who are my friends...I love them.So we do all kinds of shit like go for late night walks, because it's mad safe here, or go to the all night homemade dumpling place.Because there are no preservatives and generally less bullshit in food we can each a bunch of different things. I really haven't had more than six hours of sleep in a very long time.I am glad that I do not have to live this way but I will miss having a whole bunch of other people my age with my sleeping patterns.Brian old ass is sleep mad early as far as I am concerned.I can call most people in my dorm and they will still be up at 4am. *Sigh*
Well at least at home I have a real stove