Thursday, October 4, 2007

I tried to keep the error to a minimal

I am so excited about the prospect of sleep that I can't sleep.I turned in my paper and while it was a little subpar it's already turned in.Now I can focus on more important things like anything and everything I want. Mel and Mo went out to ladies night but I really am so tired.I've been trying to do the pilates 100 everyday and I slacked for two weeks but am gonna get back on it.Today I was so tired that I slept through yoga.Tragic!I can't go tomorrow. I wonder if I can just pay for a later class tomorrow.I need that!

Also the X-men cartoon as consumed my life.I did not know I could watch it on the net.The weirdest thing happen two days ago.I left my clothes in the dryer just for like 2 1/2 hours cause we went out and someone folded them.Nuts!I also am the proud owner of a sewing machine in Philly!I am excited even though I haven't used one in like four years.But i really wanna make a quilt for our giganamous bed.
So as you can tell by the rambling nature of this post...nothing much is happening here.I made a dream date with a friend on the other side of the world but somehow we missed each other.The most exciting thing I am gonna do tonight is fold laundry.I should probably do the dishes and will really try but I cant make any promises. i think I might hold personal dance classes instead.
Also how about some more mail.C'mon people.As usual Talia has shown everyone up.
My address is :
Temple University japan
Azabu Building
Student Services Minami Azabu 2-8-12
Minato-ku, Tokyo
106 Japan

Well I should go shower...I stink!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No jen!This is definitely not for children

I am beyond tired and have insomnia.It as come to my attention that some people would like me to proofread these posts better before I post them. While and interesting idea I can not really be bothered with such minutia.I am a big picture person buy anyone who takes one of the personality test and finds that they are into details is welcome to spell check this and post corrections. Kerri used to yell at me about things like that but now she has better things to do.
Apparently there was an earthquake but Mel and Mo and I were busy laughing hysterically so I totally missed it.But earthquakes are no big deal here and nothing even fell. Nick and Joe and I have been going on late night adventures.In part because our home dorm can't sleep so everybody eats late dinner.I have made exercise mandatory for late dinners.They showed me a really cool glass chair that is just on the street.That is one thing I really like about Tokyo..there are just so many cool things around and because people don't worry about crime and vandalism there are some really interesting public spaces.
You can just wander into a place, like the mall at Moiri Towers, and walk around even though it is closed.Like for instance I was checking on my parents hotel reservations and the guys and I got lost in the huge behemoth that is the New Otani..and while several security guards passed us, none questioned us.Not a one questioned the scruffy group of youngsters in what is actually a very nice hotel(even though it has the ugliest carpet I have ever seen).
I have been hanging out with Mel pretty hardcore and that has been lots of fun.Mass insomnia makes for good times and lots of adventures.This upcoming weekend folks are going on all kinds of trips.I am going to Kanazawa, which is on the other side of the country, ad am gonna make gold leaf chopsticks, do Zen meditation, visit a temple with secrets, shop, and try not to smack one of those TUJ house kids. One of my friends is headed to Vietnam for a week and I have enlisted her to bring me back jewelry and textiles.While I helped the guys figure out a camping trip.All in all it should be good.
I started using my pedometer so I now know about how many miles I walk each day and about how many calories I burn. We walk hella far in a day like 7 miles on the regular.Crazy.I finally booked my ticket to South Korea and while it costs a little more than would like I am really excited.Thanks for all the help Chuck!
A total nonsequitur but I have been learning very interesting things in two of my classes about China and Japan...including why I never get rice with a meal in japan and why it is so expensive.I would tell you but you'll never learn anything that way. Ewa will give a hug to the first person to post the reason.
The other thing that most people in my dorm have in common is a serious travel bug and it's kind of sweet to watch everyone try and figure things out about what they want to do.Also today I heard a pretty convincing argument shit talking the Dalai Lama .

I just need to break my earthquake hymen.-Musser san on missing the most recent earthquake
I sunburn while watching television natural color is pale blue.-Phillip Deans on the inability of The Brits to tan.
Let's face it ,sperm is cheap.-Deans on the masculine nature of nationalism and the role of women and reproduction in nationalist struggles.

Last bit of random thought is that I now seriously question whether the Chinese communist party is still communist.It is rare moments like these..where I actually learn something that the $40000 worth of debt is worth it. Sike! But I am really mulling that over