Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Listening to Dre

My arms hurt from doing dips.I only did like 30 but I'da like to die. We have officially been here for two months and we are all about to kill at least one other person.But such is life. Let's see if I have any two month reflections.Well, I'll start negative and end positive.I really do hate having a roommate and it has nothing to do with them but more to do with me. It is harder to learn Japanese then I thought it would be since I am not having an immersion experience.I now understand how people could live in a foreign country for a long time and never learn the language. I also realized just how much of an USer I am . Just the attitude and the particular sense of entitlement.What's fair what not.Even the idea that things should be fair.I am also as adaptable abroad as I am at home.So it's nice to know that I can do and be anywhere and be okay and make friends.I do wish that I knew more Japanese but I am taking a second semester next spring and there is always Keiko.At least I hope there is always Keiko. But I am having a great time living the college life. But next semester I have to get a job and an internship.Rough semester up ahead.But i just found out that I am gonna graduate this May so that's exciting sort of.I mean I am pretty sure we are headed for a recession so the job market may be a little iffy but what the hell life is a gamble.

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