Wednesday, September 26, 2007

that midterm was way too easy

Have a pretty good day.Still can't really sleep at night.I hate when the insomnia comes back.I have been slacking in school but that is the same as always.I have been really excited about becoming a midwife and found out that there is a big midwifery conference next spring in King of Prussia.I really wanna go even though it's really expensive and someone needs to teach how to drive before then so that I have a way to get there.
Things are going pretty well here even though I am more of an obnoxious American than I have ever been in my life. When ever I am with any of the other black students people stare us down.Especially the women...I am pretty sure that people are used to seeing less black women than men.At this point we are all pretty sick of it.So that is annoying but not unexpected. My Japanese still sucks which is facilitated in part by my slacker tendencies, my english speaking university, my english speaking house, the incompetence of my Japanese teacher, and the fact that when I speak Japanese to people or try to they answer me in English.Blimey!Except for like two days ago.I can ask for the time very clearly and so I say it very naturally which meant someone started a conversation with me that I had no clue how to finish.Good times.
On a more positive note I had my first Hot Yoga class today and it was cool.Well you know what I mean(corny). I really liked it and didn't really worry about the woman next to me who was beyond flexible.Flexibility isn't my strong point and I am hoping this helps.I am gonna go two times a week cause that is all my schedule allows for but it should be good. Tuesday/Thursday used to be solo adventure days but that got pricey and I have trips to pay for.
The teacher was really great and used hand signal and demonstration to communicate what was happening.I guess languages develop out of need to know basic things and then evolved because of the desire to know and share more.
Back to my goals.So getting to Japan was quite a feat and took some planning. But I am having a good time and more importantly I feel like I can plan any trip I want.So I got invited to Venezuela in January to visit the Abster, I have some standing invites for Cali, and I got invited to Kenya for soring break.I am gonna make at least one of those things happen. But the really big goal is something Brian had talked about after I googled it and got excited as I do around the world trip.I've decided that I am gonna go in 2010.The term is used loosely most people on round the world tickets don't actually go all the way around. But there is a whole online community built around this stuff.My plan is to start in south asia, head to southeast asia, then head overland to China, take the trans-Mongolian to Ulan Bator and then The trans Siberian to mOscow. From there work my way through Europe.In Europe I would stay with friends, friends of friends, and family of friends. Africa deserves it's own trip because as I keep reminding people here AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY!
It is easy for me to map things like this in my head because I am psycho and have spent so much time looking at map and thinking that I could pull any number of routes out of my head but couldn't place the countries on the map.I am off to look at a southeast asai travel guide when I should be studying

Also i know I still need to put up those pictures.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Okay so this from last week and quite long


Yesterday I twisted my ankle falling out the supermarket(typical).The night before I slept in a park(not typical). The park was part of the Yokohama Ferry Terminal.My friends Nick,Joe,and Paula re all architecture majors and Nick really wanted to see this building.Nick is a really chill dude who doesn't talk when he doesn't have anything to say and is generally not very excitable but this building was exciting to him.The building was really was a man made landscape next to the Tokyo bay it looked like a sea a wooden waves with grass islands.We didn't get there until like 9pm after putting out stuff in lockers and then having one of those great dinner conversations where you are closer afterwards if for no other reason than the amount of dirt you have on each other.
We were intially gonna sleep in McDonalds which are so clean here that you can do that and we have seen quite a few people do it. In fact I see people sleep in public here all the time in part because trains stop running and many people live far from the city center.
When we got to the park there were so many people there. Lots of young couples but also friends hanging out and a few people having some alone time.We mostly walked around and looked at the building and took pictures.At soem point everyone but Nick fell asleep.We got cold because it was right by the bay and Paul wanted to book a hotel but we all disagreed.In par because it was already 3 in the morning. Also Nick seemed so happy that we wanted to stay and support him so in the end we move to an alcove lit with blue lights next to the bathroom. Once we relocated we were mostly awake and argued about international politics, domestic housing policy, urban planning , and institutionalized racism and the suburbs.
Finally it was time for the sun to rise and we got to watch it rise over the bay. Somewhere around 4am most of the people left the park but around 5am joggers and some photographers started to show up.We also took the time to notice that it wasn't the sun that was moving but the earth and by extension ourselves.It was one of those sweet introspective moments that means a lot to you but maybe not much to others.
We never did make it to Chinatown for Dim Sum...Yokohama has Japan's biggest Chinatown. Instead we went to McDonalds where they served us at our table.
As of today my ankle is still swollen bu doing better.
This past weekend I went o Hakone and while it was too crowded to see Mount Fuji I have a good time.I ate an egg that is cooked in a hot spring and is supposed to extend my life seven years and got naked and bathed in the onsen. We also did karaoke and had kakesei dinner.That was all pretty great I recommend it to anyone.
Most of the kids from my dorm really disliked the kids from the other dorms who were pre-occupied with getting drunk and trying to act cool.The bus drivers was like two hours late because of an accident and then it took a long time to get there and back and these obnoxious little shits treated him like it was his fault.US citizens are the most impatient people on the planet.It is a gross generalization but I am gonna go with it.
There is one kid in the other dorm who is really obnoxious and I had to stop my friend from kicking the shit out of him.The kid totally deserved it though.Apparently he threw a bottle into the woods when we were at the Buddhist Temple and drew on people's prayers with a magic marker.We have a group pact to catch him on the street and whip his ass.

I'll post a link to pictures in a little while but there will be a lot of them